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Premiere childcare in Stafford, Virginia

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Premiere childcare in Stafford, Virginia



We provide a free dinner for the community monthly.


All are welcome. Food and paper product donations are greatly appreciated!


Volunteers are Welcomed

We want to get the youth and the community involved

in community events that help others.


Teaching the youth helps change the world.



Premiere childcare in Stafford, Virginia



Premiere childcare in Stafford, Virginia

St. Judes


Aquia Christian Serves


Aquia Christian Serves is a part of Aquia Christian Academy that exists for the purpose of promoting volunteerism, community service outreaches, and training in a Christian environment.  Our program offers an exciting opportunity to serve children and families in our community.


We focus on promoting active community involvement while provide engaging and meaningful outreach opportunities for the youth. Through local outreaches, we connect the youth through volunteering, service learning, and by working together.

Primarily, we will take action on outreach issues that are of significance to our local community. It is our mission to become a driving force in enthusing young people to grow and remain responsibly involved while becoming pillars within their community.

During the school year, we participate in the St. Judes Trike a Thon which raises money to aid families staying at St. Judes Hospital.


This program teaches our youth bike safety and the importance of helping others.

We are committed to raising funds to

aid families in the raising cost of childcare and children services.

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