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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Infant / Toddler Class  (Little Lambs / Turtles)

We have developed a program dedicated to providing a nurturing and loving atmosphere designed to meet each child's individual needs.  A healthy infant and toddler development program is fostered in a trusting relationship established between each child and their teacher. Through exploration, story time, and songs, our infant program provides a safe learning environment while helping children to develop to their maximum potential.

We provide a daily report that lets you know how your child's day was. It includes feeding information, changing schedule, and items that are needed.

​K-2 Preschool Class (Busy Bees)    ​


In our K-2 class, our children work out of two workbooks:  Child Art for Two's and  Learning numbers with Button Bear.


Our two-year-old program is designed to stimulate the child's development in the areas of language, creativity, cognitive learning, and emotional, social and physical growth.  This gentle nurturing environment encourages creativity and curiosity from each child as they are guided to develop a positive attitude toward learning. Center time brings lots of fun as the child explores the creative play materials especially designed for two year olds.


K-3 Preschool Class (Little Owls)

In our K-3 program, our children work out of five workbooks which include:  Bible Coloring Sheets, Letters and Sounds, Numbers and Skills with Button Bear, Child Art, and Arts and Crafts with Amber Lamb.


The teacher has a daily schedule planned along with weekly lesson plans that offers an in depth learning experience.  Each day, the child experiences creative play, story time, art time, music and movement and language, and concept development activities that will educate.

In our K-4 program, we work out of five workbooks which include:  Bible Activity Book, ABC-123, Writing with Phonics, Readiness Skills, and Art Projects.


The Abeka curriculum promotes good language and listening skills, develops Christian character traits, and develops children's knowledge in a variety of areas. In addition to the Abeka curriculum, our teachers incorporate additional lessons combined with play which futher enhance the children's learning experience.  Our K-4 class operates on an accelerated schedule and is perfect preparation for budding kindergartners.

K-4 Preschool Class (Freckled Frogs)

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